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Buffalo Jill - Shelby H

Buffalo Jill - Shelby H

Birthday month & sign: August / Leo

Years on the Jills: Rookie year!

Degree/Major/Career: Attending college for Mechanical Engineering and Technologies

Most Memorable Moment/ Greatest Achievement: Making the 2013-2014 Buffalo Jills Cheerleaders!

Words to describe yourself: Outgoing, Loyal, Caring, and Independent

Hobbies: Camping, Tumbling, Dirt biking, and Belly Dancing with my mom!

Reasons I like Buffalo: Buffalo is home and we have the most spirited fans!!

Goals for the future: Finish College, get married, build my dream home in the country, and create a fun loving family :)

Worst Fear: Spiders.. and losing a loved one

Favorite Food: Shrimp Scampi

Favorite Dessert: Oreo Brownies!

Favorite Music Artist/Group: Avril Lavigne, Scotty McCreery, Chris Cagle and everything else country!

Favorite Actor/Actress/Movie: Channing Tatum and Julia Roberts! My favorite movie would have to be Bridesmaids

Favorite TV show: Law and Order: SVU and Pretty Little Liars

Favorite Animal: Giraffes!!

Hanging on my refrigerator door are: Bills schedule, food menu, and random family magnets

Favorite animated character: Ariel from "The Little Mermaid"

My ideal date: Order take-out, eat by the river, then get ice cream for dessert :)

Dream job: Being a stay at home mother would be so rewarding!

Hidden talents: I am very good at organizing and planning!

Best gift ever received: Best gift I have received are my amazing parents! I wouldn't be where I am today without there love and support!

3 items I’d need on a stranded island: Water, sunscreen, and a boat to get home!


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