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Buffalo Jill - Lindsey

Buffalo Jill - Lindsey

Birthday month & sign: February, Pisces

Years on the Jills: 4

Degree/Major/Career: I currently work in marketing, have a BS in Accounting, and I am graduating with my Masters Degree of Marketing in December!

Most Memorable Moment/ Greatest Achievement: Be named Co-Captain for the 2013-2014 season!

Words to describe yourself: Enthusiastic, personable, intelligent, and sweet

Hobbies: Making memories with my family & friends!

Reasons I like Buffalo: The Bills and the awesome food!

Goals for the future: To live a happy and healthy life with my family!

Worst Fear: Losing a loved one

Favorite Food: Stuffed banana peppers with a lot of cheese!

Favorite Dessert: Fried dough

Favorite Music Artist/Group: Carrie Underwood

Favorite Actor/Actress/Movie: Jennifer Aniston

Favorite TV show: Friends

Favorite Animal: Puppies

Hanging on my refrigerator door are: Save the date magnets, family photos, Jills pictures, and a grocery list.

Favorite animated character: Little Mermaid & Tink

My ideal date: A ride in a Ferrari along the west coast!

Dream job: College Professor of Marketing

Hidden talents: All of my hidden talents should probably stay hidden! :)

Best gift ever received: My family; I don't know where I would be without them!

3 items I’d need on a stranded island: Chapstick, a football and a toothbrush!


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