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March 2013 - Audition & basic team information

January 22, 2013

The NFL Buffalo Jills Cheerleaders hold open workshops and auditions for cheerleaders, dancers & models beginning Tuesday, March 5th. Jills Director, Stephanie Mateczun, Nichole Ranney our Coordinator and well-known Choreographer, Kelli Wagner, insure that the Jills are in top-notch shape for game day performances as well as appearances. In addition to mandatory practices two times a week (Tues & Thurs, 6:30-10:00pm) and their full time work and/or school schedules, the Jills participate in a variety of community events that involve the Buffalo Bills, area businesses and numerous charities. The Jills also host three (3) popular Jr Jills programs for young cheerleaders/dancers, a Jill’s golf tournament and other great events throughout the Western New York area. The minimum requirement for auditions is that each young lady needs to be at least 18 years old by the first physical workshop they attend in March. There is no age limit! 

Formal dance and/or cheerleading experience are not mandatory but extremely helpful. Not a dancer but have the Jills look and love to be around people? We also have a non-performing squad to compliment our popular dance squad. Our non-performing Jills are “Ambassador Jills” and part of our team 100%! Being a Buffalo Jill requires a lot of time and dedication. You must have a significant amount of availability in your schedule in order to fulfill your commitment as an NFL Cheerleader. Cheerleaders do not travel out of town with the team but do participate in all home games (including Toronto).

Glamour Prep Class!-Optional:
Want to get the look of an NFL Cheerleader before auditions begin? Learn hair & make-up tips, how to get the right nails, eyebrows, etc….Get a complimentary one on one tips from the Pro’s that work with the cheerleaders all year long!
This will give you the edge you need before auditions! This Glam workshop will be held Wednesday, March 6th, 6:30pm at Aesthetic Associates Centre, 2500 Kensington Ave. Amherst, NY 14226. Fee for this workshop is $15. Credit cards accepted in advance only. Use email below to receive credit card form. Attire for the workshop: Business casual. Space is limited, please reserve your seat: Stephanie.mateczun@buffalojills.com.

How can I look “like a Jill?”
Charlene Fadel from Teez Salon is our official stylist. If you are new to our audition process, we highly recommend you make an appointment with Charlene to learn the basic “Jills look.” 716-998-0031, Teez Salon, 471 Englewood Ave. Buffalo, NY 14223. Charlene will also be consulting young ladies at the Wed, March 6th workshop. -See Prep class info above. 

General team info: 

Jills do not get paid for practices or game days. Jills do receive payment of $35/hr, for outside appearance requests that are typically 2 hours long. Number of paid appearances varies pending each Jill’s availability. Each Jill receives one (1) game ticket per home game to give to a guest. Jills also receive commission on individual calendar sales. In addition, Jills receive many complimentary benefits from our annual sponsors such as: gym memberships, tanning, hair salon discounts, laser eye surgery, automotive discounts, dental & plastic surgery preferred service, photography discounts, travel opportunities and numerous outside modeling opportunities, etc. 

Travel, modeling & troop visits:
Occasionally, the Jills are called upon by our armed forces to visit troops nationally and internationally. If available and selected, there are opportunities to travel with all expenses paid. Additionally, the Jills have been invited to participate in local and national TV shows & commercials. We require that all cheerleaders obtain a passport; many team travel opportunities will not be possible without one. The Jills will be performing in the Toronto for the Bills-Toronto Series game(s). A Passport or Enhanced Drivers License is mandatory for this travel. 

Uniform Investment:
Upon making the team for the first time, each “Rookie Jill” is responsible for purchasing her own uniform, which will cost approximately $550. This uniform becomes your permanent property. This investment will be due within 1- 2 weeks of making the team. There is no refund if you get cut after purchasing your uniform.

Dance squad practices begin immediately following the final audition date. We meet every Tuesday and Thursday through December, 6:30-10pm. Ambassador squad practices begin immediately and meet every Tuesday evening, 6:30-10pm. - Attendance is extremely important; only a minimum number of absences are permitted throughout the season.

Practices are held at the Buffalo Bills Fieldhouse in Orchard Park, NY. 14127

Auditions run as follows:

All audition dates, with the exception of Saturday, March 9th are closed to the public. Only young ladies participating in auditions will be permitted backstage in the audition area. Videotapes are not accepted for auditions, all candidates must be able to attend all audition dates in person. There is an open, FREE workshop for all interested Dancer and Ambassador Jills on Tuesday, March 5th, 2013 at 8:30pm at Catalyst Fitness, 770 Wehrle Dr. Williamsville, NY 14221– Ending time will be determined by number of attendee’s. Please arrive at approx.. 8:15 to check-in. The actual audition dance routine will be taught at this workshop as well as learning the minimum requirements for both the Dance squad AND the Ambassador squad. Young ladies auditioning for the Dance squad should wear shorts and ½ top with warm ups. Young ladies auditioning only for the Ambassador squad should be in business casual attire. If you are not sure what squad you’d like to audition for, wear dance attire so you can try that first. You will not be judged at this workshop however; it is still important that you look your best because video and photos are taken. There will be a short question and answer period during this workshop to help you understand what to expect throughout auditions and what is expected of a Buffalo Jill. 

Additional dance practice & informational workshop-Optional
We offer an optional, additional dance practice/ informational workshop. The fee for this workshop is $20. It will be held on Thursday, March 7th, 8:30pm-? at Catalyst Fitness, 770 Wehrle Dr. Williamsville, NY 14221. This is great for young ladies that may have missed the workshop on the 5th or for girls that just want additional practice. This is a great opportunity to rehearse with the Jills Captains and learn helpful interview, attire and makeup techniques. If you know in advance that you are auditioning only for the Ambassador squad, you only need to attend the 1st half of this workshop at 8-9pm for $10. Many questions and clarifications will be made at this workshop. 

Watch the 2013 Audition Routine

1st cuts are Saturday, March 9th beginning at 12:00pm at The North Park Theater, 1428 Hertel Ave., Buffalo NY 14216. This is the only portion of auditions open to the public for $5 entry fee. (Please no young children) There is a $50 audition fee due at the time of these auditions. Personal checks, credit cards and Canadian funds are not accepted on this date. Credit card payments are accepted in advance only.
Contact: Stephanie.mateczun@buffalojills.com for a credit card form. 

Auditioning Ambassadors should wear a two-piece outfit (1/2 top and short-shorts). You will be asked to introduce yourself on-stage and asked a few short interview questions. Additionally, bring a tasteful swimsuit with heels (1 or 2 piece) to model on stage. Dancers need to come to 1st cuts prepared knowing the routine that was taught the week prior wearing 1/2 top & short-shorts. You will perform that routine with 1 other young lady. (I.e. numbers 1 & 2 will audition together, 3 & 4 and so on.)  All young ladies auditioning must be prepared to introduce themselves on stage with a microphone. Additionally, bring a tasteful swimsuit with heels (1 or 2 piece) to model on stage. This will complete first cuts. Finalists and further audition instructions will be posted on www.buffalojills.com this evening. 

If you are selected for 1st cuts for either squads (Dance or Ambassador), you will need to plan on attending these additional audition dates:

2nd cuts- Dancers only, dance attire- Tuesday, March 12th, 8:30pm, Catalyst Fitness in Williamsville.

Interviews begin- Professional attire, Time TBA, Wednesday, March 13th, Catalyst Fitness in Williamsville.

3rd & final cuts- Professional attire- Time TBA, Thursday, March 14th, Catalyst Fitness in Williamsville.

Dancers will be judged on: Dance ability, showmanship, overall appearance, physique readiness, interview & presentation skills.
Ambassadors will be judged on: Overall appearance, physique readiness, interview & presentation skills.


Answers to common questions:

  • The only Jills exempt from auditions are the pre-selected (4-8) Captains.
  • You need to have your own transportation for practices, appearances and games.
  • There will be approximately 40+ Jills selected in total. (Approx. 30 Dance and 10 Ambassador)
  • If you don’t know what squad you want to be on, try for the Dance squad first; you will be invited over to audition to the Ambassador squad if we feel you would be better suited for that squad.
  • There is no height or weight requirement or age maximum to be on the team.
  • Typically, 150-200 young ladies audition.
  • Although there is no formal judging being done during the learning and practice workshops, it is imperative that you always look your best with proper attire and full hair & make up. Local media & photographers will be present.
  • Once you make the team & purchase your uniform, there is still a possibility of being released throughout the season based on performance & attitude. No financial investments will be refunded if released.
  • The Jills are primarily a dance team with a strong base of Jazz and Hip-Hop styles. We do a minimum amount of tumbling but the ability to do so is a bonus. You will be asked at the final round of dance auditions if you can demonstrate any unique tumbling skills. I.e. back handsprings.
  • We welcome our Canadian friends to audition! Please note however; for you this would be a 100% volunteer position and border-crossing arrangements are your full responsibility. Employment Visa’s do not apply. 

The NFL Jills Cheerleaders “Ambassador” Squad:
The Jills Ambassador Squad is a small group (8-10) of young ladies that are “non-performing” Jills. They are chosen specifically for their specialization and availability for public appearances. You need to be pleasantly outgoing and conversational for this position. An Ambassador Jill is considered an NFL Jills Cheerleader and participates in all Jills events, home Bills games and projects such as the swimsuit calendar. They attend fewer meetings/practices but are still required to adhere to all BJC Codes of Conduct. The Ambassador Squad is expected to have a significant amount of availability in order to fulfill their extended requirement of personal appearances. Ambassador Jills must excel at public speaking, presentation skills, confidence and mingling with others. Young ladies auditioning for the Ambassador squad are expected to attend all audition dates. If you do not make a cut, you do not attend the later dates. The final Ambassador squad will be announced the same day as the Dance squad. If you audition for the Dance squad and do not make 1st or 2nd cuts, you need to be invited to continue the audition process for the Ambassador squad.

Basic requirements:

  • Applicants must be at least 18 yrs of age by March 5th, 2013 or the first workshop date they attend. Absolutely no exceptions.

What to wear for both squads’ auditions:

  • A two-piece dance outfit in good taste. Sports bra or crop top with briefs or short-shorts; the judges need to evaluate your physique.
  • Flesh colored tights or pantyhose. We recommend DIVA Pantyhose www.divahosiery.com or  Leggs pantyhose, Sheer Panty/Sheer Energy/Suntan.
  • Sneakers or dance shoes. Bare feet or stocking feet are not acceptable.
  •  No jewelry except for 2 small earrings and engagement/wedding rings. No body jewelry. (Includes: belly, nose, tongue, brow rings)
  • Make-up & hair must be glamorous & classic. Hair must be worn completely down without clips or tie backs, nothing trendy. No trendy hair color or styles.
  • No visible tattoos. Any tattoos must be covered with make-up. We suggest MakeUp Forever.
  • Tasteful swimsuit. 1 or 2 pieces are acceptable; no thongs. To be modeled with heels.
  • If you make it to final cuts, you will need professional interview attire.
  • Ambassadors will need all of the outfits described above.

Please bring to the workshops and auditions:

  • Completed audition application to the first workshop date you attend.
  • Legal photo identification; driver license or passport to the first audition date. You will not be permitted to participate in any workshops or auditions unless legal proof of age can be provided.
  • $50 NON-REFUNDABLE application fee on Sunday, March 9th. Cash or money order only. Payable to: Stejon Productions Corp.  (American funds only- no personal checks) Credit cards only accepted in advance. Email to receive form: Stephanie.mateczun@buffalojills.com
  • Optional- $20 Dance workshops at Fusion Dance Studio, Feb 10th & 24th.
  • Optional- $20 Practice workshop at Catalyst Fitness on Thurs, March 7th.
  • Optional - $15 Glamour workshop at Aesthetic Associates Centre, Wed, March 6th.
  • NO resumes or photographs please. We will take photos during auditions.

Additional notes:

  • Audition applications will be available on our website closer to auditions. You may mail-in your application ahead of time if you prefer a quicker check-in process the day of auditions.
  • An application must be filed and ID must be shown at the first workshop you attend for liability reasons. However, you do not need to pay your $50 fee or make a commitment to audition until Saturday, March 9th. 

APPLICATION: DOWNLOAD the 2013 Audition Application now! 

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